Besides being the oldest and the most inhabited island in the
Caribbean , Cozumel can also be described as paradise where palm trees
sway, beaches stretch for miles and the views of the Caribbean waters
are magnifying.

Being one of the more popular tourist destinations, Cozumel is known
to be one of the top destinations in the work to enjoy spectacular
diving. The coral reefs in Cozumel provide divers with a spectacular
view of the underwater world. Traveling to Cozumel you can expect a
memorable vacation. You will find a wide array of attractions that
will suit every personality. Mayan ruins, jungle trips, nature parks
and exploration of the underwater world are just some of the
excursions that will keep you occupied while vacationing. Furthermore,
you can expect to find amazing hotels, gourmet restaurants and top of
the line facilities.

When you first arrive in Cozumel, your first activity should be a
visit to Cozumel's gorgeous beaches. Those who love to swim should
take advantage of the sandy beaches on the west side . However, if you
are a snorkeling devotee, then the limestone shoreline and striking
underwater scenery of the west coast is the perfect destination for
you. For those who want to experience total tranquility while at the
same time enjoy the views of the beautiful waters should visit east
side of the island. Take note however, that the east coast is not
recommended for swimming because of its strong breakers and undertows.

Some of the most popular beaches on the island include Paradise and
Playa Maya for their facilities and fun attractions, Playa Corona for
its local vibe, and Punta Sur for its rich ecological diversity and
fantastic snorkeling sites. While at Punta Sur, make sure to go on a nature excursion. The nearby Celarain Lighthouse is also worth a visit with your camera in tow. 

For those who want to explore and learn about the Mayan culture have
plenty of opportunities to do so. There are many excursions that you
can take to explore the Mayan ruins from land or from sea. You can
also explore the exhibits at Cozumel Museum to gain insight into the
rich history of the area and maybe even learn the Mayan language while
you are there. Before you leave, don't miss the museum's overlooking
cafe where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the panoramic ocean view.
After exploring the museum you can head to San Gervasio and explore
its mythical ruins. There you will find the shrines and temples in the
area and learn more about the Mayan goddess Ix-Chel in whose honor
these structures were built.

For those of you who are looking for an adventure on this trip to
Cozumel you may arrange a special trip for yourselves. Pick your ride
of choice - an atv, a jeep, or a bike - and explore the lush jungles
of the island. Explore the area's flora and fauna, visit a bat cave
and take a splash in the cold water of a blue hole, also known as
cenote. For a dose of adrenalin rush, you can strap yourself on a
para-sail and gain a thrilling point of view of the island from high
above the ground or visit the zipline jungle.

At the end of the day, you can stroll around Cozumel's main square,
Benito Juarez Park. Socialize with the locals and browse the many
arts and crafts stores in the area. Just before sunset, walk along
the malecon or seaside promenade to catch sight of the amazing sunset.
And, with nightfall, you may visit town to dine in the many
restaurants and experience the pulsating energy that can keep you up
and going to party through to dawn.

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