Unlike any other destination in the region, the island of Bonaire is not packed with mass tourism, which for some makes it a great getaway. Together with Aruba and Curacao, Bonaire is known as one of the ABC Island.

Bonaire offers a starkly beautiful rugged landscape perfect for a tranquil sojourn with nature.

Due to the absence of mass tourism as well as the active preservation efforts in the region, the coral atolls surrounding the island are in pristine condition. Therefore, if you want to catch a sight of the underwater world, you won't have to go far. Actually, Bonaire is known to be a prime diving destination for the diving enthusiasts. Some of the best snorkeling sites in the island include Bise Morto, Karpataand La Dania's Leap.

If you are looking for a more vast playground to explore,  then gear up with your diving ensemble, hop on a boat and head to exciting dive sites surrounding the island. Some of the most popular diving spots are Bari Reef, Tori's Reef, Front Porch and the Invisibles, among many others. If wreck diving is more your thing, then you are also in for a treat, because there are plenty of sites to explore.

One of the top excursions to see and visit is the Hilma Hooker wreck, a 236 ft. cargo vessel which sank shortly after it was discovered carrying tons of marijuana in 1984. Other interesting wrecks worth exploring include The Tug, La Machaca, HMS Barham, and Tilisa Del Mar, to name a few. Bonaire's scores of dive sites will assure that you can spend your vacation exploring the turquoise depths of the ocean with a growing sense of wonder every time you take a plunge.Now, if you are looking for some windsurfing to keep the fun and adrenaline flowing, then Lac Bay is the ultimate destination where perfect gusts of wind will keep you keep sail for as long as want. On top of the thrill, you also get to enjoy the scenic view of lush green mangrove forests against the lapis lazuli luster of the Caribbean waters. For those looking for more adventure, you can also try your hand at kite boarding at the South West side of the island, Atlantis in particular.

 If you are more at home inland, there are plenty of other activities to keep you active. If you love to hike, make sure to visit to the Washington Slagbaai National Park where a network of exciting trails awaits the avid ambler. And make sure to climb the Brandaris Hill, the highest point in the island, to soak up the breathtaking panorama it affords of beautiful Bonaire.

Rent a mountain bike and tour Bonaire's unspoiled landscape and acquaint yourself with the local wildlife such as various species of birds and curious iguanas.


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