If you have never been to the island of St. Maarten , then you are in for a big surprise. Although St. Maarten is more famous for its amazingly beautiful beaches, there are many other attractions that will happily keep you occupied while visiting. In St. Maarten you will find beautiful restaurants, picturesque towns and verdant forests, and explore the island's flora and fauna. Those of you who want to explore the island's dining experience should not miss the Restaurant Row, located on the French side of the island. There you will find amazing cuisine that cater to all kinds of tastes and budgets. On top of this, your eyes can also feast on the fantastic view of the beach and nearby Anguilla as you enjoy the sumptuous meal. 

If you are looking for something to do then look no further. St. Martin's French Quarter of the town of Orleans can offer any person a lazy stroll along with a European atmosphere and the picture-perfect, brightly colored West Indian-inspired homes. While you are there, you should not miss a visit to the nearby Butterly Farm and experience the awe of the hundreds of lovely creatures surrounding you. Another visual treat of pretty colonial mansions can be had at the French Cul de Sac, just outside of Orient Bay.

   If you are a hiker and are looking for some adventure while vacationing in St. Martin then you must visit the sprawling Loterie Farm. Marked trails will lead you through verdant forests with possibilities of wildlife sightings. The farm is also home to one of the longest zip lines in this side of the globe. Also, if you looking for a breathtaking view, them Paradise Peak is a must for you. there you will experience the most breathtaking vistas. You can get there on foot or on a 4x4 vehicle. However, make sure to do your research beforehand and have a guide with you because getting there is not that simple. You will be passing by some very steep and isolated trails and will need assistance from a professional.

There are also some worthwhile stops on the Dutch side of the Island. Although not much remains of Fort Amsterdam , it is still worth the hike for the stunning vista of Philipsburg it affords. It is also the idyllic escape from the din of the bustling capital.

For those of you who are traveling with kids,the safari reserve of St. Maarten Zoological Park is an attraction that might interest you. This attraction offers more than a hundred of exotic animals and plenty of botanic gardens. This is a more low-key attraction where you can also just rest your feet and simply enjoy the lush surroundings.

And finally, those who have plenty of time to spare should go on a day trip to the nearby islands. Tintamarre is a favorite jaunt for bird watchers. But, even if you are not interested in wild life, the island's breathtaking landscape of pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear water and towering tawny cliffs will surely make you fall in love at first sight. The immaculate Isle of Pinel is also a must-see. Although uninhabited and without electricity, there are beach bistros on the island that cater to tourists who are in need of umbrellas, refreshments and even beachwear and sun protection. There are so many things to explore on the island of St. Martin that at times you might even have a hard time choosing the attraction that you will enjoy most. However, before booking any excursions do your research and think about what you enjoy most. Make your trip a memorable one!



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