For those who are diving enthusiasts and are looking for a trip that involves great diving then you might want to consider booking your getaway to one of the three Bay Islands in Honduras . Its proximity to the second largest barrier reef in the world - Mesoamerican Barrier Reef - puts it on the map for a great diving and snorkeling experience. However, spectacular underwater scenery is not the only attractions the island boasts about. Stunning white sand beaches, thrilling canopy tours, and scenic hiking trails are also aplenty.

Roatan offers fine weather throughout the year with some occasional rainy days between December and January. Island offers over 132 dive sites to explore. Even when weather and wind conditions become less than ideal, you can always head to the calmer waters of the northwest side of the island and still find plenty of stunning underwater gardens to explore. The more popular dive sites include Spooky Channel, Bear Den, Eagle's Nest, Canyon Reef, Hole in the Wall, Dive Master's Choice, Half Moon Bay and Blue Channel, all located in close proximity to each other.

When you want to take a break from the underwater scenery, there are a variety of other attractions to keep you occupied. Rent a kayak and explore the mangrove jungles on the east side of the island. There is also a Mini-Golf course located in Sandy Bay where you can practice you skills. But if you want something where you will feel an adrenalin rush then visit zip-line canopy tour. If you simply want to relax, then it's recommended go on a scenic drive where the lovely countryside will keep you company along the way. If you're wondering where you should drive, it's said that the traditional village of Yubu is worth checking out. When in town, you will experience the fascinating culture, music and dances of the Garifuna people.

If you are traveling with kids, then you can visit the Carambola Botanical Gardens to observe iguanas and parrots in their natural habitat. From there, proceed to the Butterfly garden and surround yourself with hundreds of colorful butterflies.
For those who love dolphins will want to visit and watch the shoe at the Institute for Marine Sciences at Anthony's Key Dive Center in Sandy Bay. You can also get up close and personal and swim with these intelligent creatures on site.

Spending the entire day by the beach is also not a bad idea. There are plenty of options to choose from whether you are more at home with the crowd or prefer a more serene seclusion. The Half Moon Bay, West Bay and West end are the most popular among tourists, so you can be sure to find the beaches crowded when you get there. Also, take note that you will be charged with a fee if you take the resort entrance for West Bay beaches. So, it is best to get there on board a water taxi to avoid the fees. If you want to spend your beach getaway in peace and quiet, just hire a water taxi and head north to find plenty of empty white sand beaches. However, it is a imperative that you bring everything you will need for the day because there are no facilities available in these remote areas. If you're looking for a vacation destination that includes serenity together with a bit if an adrenalin rush then visit Roatan. You won't be disappointed!


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