If you are planning a trip to Mexico but would like to pay a fraction of the price that you may pay in other more popular tourist destinations then you might consider booking your trip to Mazatlan. Mazatlan has it all- beautiful beaches, great nightlife, and many historic attractions. Also, you get more for your price because once a year there is an exciting Carnival celebration where you will experience the exhilaration of a festival. Make sure however to travel during the week leading to Lent in order to catch the celebration, excitement and fun!

Mazatlan's shoreline is the area's major attraction which explains the moniker, "Pearl of the Pacific". Not only are the beaches gorgeous, each also has a character of its own. Playa Camaron Sabalo is the most popular in the area because of its location right at the hotel zone. However, if you simply want to work on your tan in tranquility and enjoy the view, the picturesque beach of Playa Los Cerritos is the place to go. For those who want to visit an island, there is one nearby - Venados . On island Venados you can spend the day swimming, snorkeling and sailing. There are also some interesting petroglyphs to explore on site.

For the travelers who are looking to ride the breakers you can plan a trip to Playa Olad Atlas, located right at the starting point of Malecon . However, due to its proximity to the town, it can get crowded during the weekends. In which case, Playa Bruja up north is a good alternative. Its waves can easily go as high as 10 feet, which should make any avid surfer ecstatic. You also have plenty of space to play around as the beach is almost always empty because of its remote location. So bring the surf boards and enjoy your time.

Though the beaches are gorgeous in Mazatlan there are other attractions that are worth checking out. Go for a stroll around the historic Old Town and enjoy its charming colonial atmosphere. Check out the Machado Square or Plazuela where you will find restored structures. The square is home to the elegant Teatro Angela Peralta built at the beginning of the 19 th century. It is also surrounded by a beautiful hotel, lovely cafes and restaurants, as well as some remarkable art shops. When strolling around, make sure to visit El Mercado where you will be able to buy local art, crafts while enjoying the fun atmosphere.
Other local attractions worth checking out would be the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception whose golden twin spires dominate the town's skyline. There is also the world's highest operating Lighthouse which stands at 515 ft. above sea level. For those of you who have the stamina for it, may go ahead and climb up the stairs. You will not regret the 30-minute climb once you catch sight of Mazatlan's breathtaking panorama from the top.
Finally, for those who enjoy a bit of golf on your vacation will not be disappointed. The most popular of the golf courses is the stunning Estrella Del Mar which overlooks the pacific and borne out of the genius of Robert Trent Jones, Jr. It is simply marvelous. So next time you are looking for a trip that includes gorgeous beaches, great historic attractions consider a trip to Mazatlan and discover something new!
Happy travels!

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